Elam Stoltzfus wins an Emmy!

By Nic Stoltzfus



1000 miles in 100 days. At the end of the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition, some people may have thought that the expedition was over and all the work finished. This is not the case. In the making of a film, post-production is one of the hardest stages and takes a lot of time and effort. The team at Live Oak Production Group, spear-headed by Elam Stoltzfus, edited over 90 interviews over a period of 5 months and sorted through over 80 hours of film footage to assemble the completed Florida Wildlife Corridor: Everglades to Okeefenokee. The film premiered on Earth Day weekend in Florida and was released on public television nationwide in June. It has been featured in several film festivals including the Sarasota Film Festival and the Apalachicola Riverfront Film Festival. On Saturday, November 23rd at the 37th annual Suncoast Emmy Awards in Hollywood, Florida, it was announced that Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition: Everglades to Okefenokee won an Emmy for Documentary category.

The Suncoast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences celebrates the best of television news in markets throughout the state of Florida, as well as markets in Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Puerto Rico.

2 thoughts on “Elam Stoltzfus wins an Emmy!”

  1. Way to go, Elam (and Nic for letting us know the great news!); your work is timely and meaningful in its content and powerful in its visual impact — all the ingredients for an Emmy. Long overdue. No resting on your laurels, though — too much more to do, right? . . . Best, David (Pincus)


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